Sustainability and Environmental Impact

At M2i, Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship Are Core to Our Operations


Responsible Resource Management: M2i is committed to responsible resource management, ensuring that our practices not only meet industrial needs but also support the health of our planet.

Creating Sustainable Value: Our approach to sustainability goes beyond compliance; it is about creating value that is sustainable, ethical, and beneficial for all stakeholders.


At M2i, we are dedicated to achieving our industrial goals in a manner that respects people and the planet. Our partnerships and projects reflect our commitment to a sustainable future where economic growth and national security is achieved by actually fixing previous environmental and social harms.

Our Sustainability Practices


M2i integrates sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations, focusing on reducing environmental impact while ensuring efficient and responsible use of resources. Our approach is centered around consolidation, recycling, and utilizing technologies to support and improve our environment.

Our Recycling Strategy


Circular Economy: We create economies of scale by acquiring old business assets and developing operational efficiencies and reduced environmental impact


Nova Terra Collaboration

Together with Nova Terra, we leverage advanced science and practical applications to drive commercially viable solutions that benefit society and the planet. Our joint efforts focus on large-scale, industry-wide challenges and sustainable innovation with economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Two Project examples:

1. Copper is the essential mineral for the energy transition. Together with Nova Terra we are developing solutions that will unlock sustainable copper. These include tailings reprocessing, by-product recovery, environmental remediation, designer mining, and community engagement.

2. Water is crucial for the success of future mining operations, and our projects will produce new pathways for water treatment, recovery of valuable materials during remediation, and securing supply for regional communities.

Not For Sale Partnership

Working with Not For Sale, we strive for a future without forced labor. Our initiatives focus on creating sustainable and fair-wage jobs, breaking the cycle of poverty, and empowering indigenous communities where we work.

Two Project examples:

1. Over the last two decades Not For Sale has worked in the Peruvian Amazon creating a holistic model that conserves 753 square miles of the rainforest by working to economically uplift the indigenous people of the region through a farming and mining co-op. M2i is proud to be partnered with Not For Sale on this initiative.

2. M2i’s strategic minerals and metals partners in Australia are partially owned by indigenous Australians. Along with Not For Sale we are engaged with the Traditional Owners to deploy a model that empowers their communities economically via mining and simultaneously deploying new technologies that clean up past environmental harms.