M2i Solutions & Services

M2i is an engineering, research, and services company that brings together people, technology, and solutions from across government, business, not-for-profits, and academia to provide guaranteed access and availability to critical minerals and metals for the purpose of national defense and economic security.

M2i’s Three Divisions


Scrap & Recycling Division

Strategy: Acquire multiple scrap and recycling, businesses of non- ferrous metals

Enhancing Infrastructure: Expand processing capabilities with advanced equipment

Maximizing Margins and Efficiency: Eco-efficient practices ensuring sustainability and bypassing brokers.

Enhanced Logistics: Strategic Network of facilities enabling better support to the Defense Industrial Base


Mining, Processing, and Refining Division

Strategy: Acquire abandoned mines, processing, and refining facilities for primary minerals and metals

Abandoned Mine Lands (AMLs)
• Select AMLs rich in critical minerals with low environmental risk
• Exploit existing mine tailings for metals of interest
• Establish or revitalize on-site processing capabilities
• Demonstrate environmental stewardship and sustainability

Establish partnerships with:
• Mining, processing, and refining companies
• Mineral and metal traders
• Bureau of Land Management
• Select university mining schools

• Strategic Network of facilities enabling better support to the Defense Industrial Base.
• In house capabilities to move and store large quantities of materials


Government and Defense Industrial Base Division

Strategy: Develop & maintain relationships at all levels of Government and within the Defense Industrial Base.

Strengthen and rebuild the domestic minerals and metals supply chain.

Strategic Minerals Reserve
Expand the resiliency of the critical minerals and metals supply chain beyond the capability of the National Defense Stockpile

Public Private Partnerships (P3s)
Establish P3s with government, industry, and academic partners to:
• strengthen domestic industrial capacity to eliminate foreign dependence of the minerals and metals supply chain
• commercialize new technology
• develop minerals and metals industrial workforce